Halotropin review

Halotropin Review

Halotropin review – does Halotropin work and what are the ingredients and side effects of Halotropin?

Halotropin Review

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To begin, Halotropin is a support supplement made with ashwagandha root extract, fenugreek seed extract, white button mushroom, avena sative extract, eleuthero root, tongkat ali root, urtica dioica leaf extract, rhodiola rosea root extract, maca root, tribulus terrestris seed extract, diindolylmethane, mucuna pruriens seed extract, dodder seed, bulbine natalensis extract, polygonum cuspidatum root extract and schizandra berry extract.halotropin review

Halotropin Review

Ashwagandha -fights anxiety and fatigue. It’s also been tested and shown to increase testosterone levels in men whose levels were under the normal range.

Halotropin Review

Fenugreek – may increase free testosterone. Some studies have shown that it does. Some have shown that it does not. The positive study used 500 mg of Fenugreek daily, so again, that’s much more than what you’ll see in Halotropin.

Halotropin Review

White Button Mushroom – helps blocks the conversion of excess testosterone to estrogen. It works by suppressing Aromatase, the enzyme that causes the conversion.

Halotropin Review

Avena Sativa – may block the activity of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This is the way to increase free, unbound testosterone so it’s available for use by the body.

Tongkat Ali – also may increase testosterone in men starting off with low levels.  The research is pretty thin, and what there is indicates that the dose would need to be much higher than what is in Halotropin, and it’s only effective in those with low levels to begin with.

Tribulus Terrestris – is believed to increase the body’s natural testosterone production process through the Luteinizing Hormone pathway.  Studies haven’t really shown this to be the case, but it may indeed have a positive effect on libido.

DIM – is known as an estrogen modulator, working to balance estrogen levels in relation to testosterone.

There are 90 capsules in one bottle of Halotropin and you take three daily to help your body produce testosterone, according to the product description. The container is small so we see no problems taking it with you anywhere.

Pro Supps, the makers of Halotropin, established the official website in 2008. You can buy directly from the company and outside retailers. We like that the product label is available and there is a customer service department that can be reached for problems and issues.

Halotropin review – does Halotropin work and what are the ingredients and side effects of Halotropin?

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