MyoShred reviews

MyoShred Reviews

MyoShred reviews – does MyoShred really work and any unwanted side effects?

MyoShred Reviews

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MyoShred’s makers created this male diet pill so men wouldn’t have to choose between building muscle and shedding fat. Men trying to get in shape know all-too-well that fat loss often means loss of muscle as well. But, MyoShred isn’t just a powerful fat-burning diet pill. It also contains ingredients aimed at boosting testosterone, a hormone which encourages muscle growth.myoshred reviews

MyoShred Reviews


MyoShred Reviews

Green tea extract contains special chemicals called flavonoids.  GreenSelect Phytosome is a standardized green tea extract with proven effective flavonoid strength. In a clinical trial, scientists credited GreenSelect Phytosome with causing an over 30 pound weight loss in 90 days. The dosage used in the trial was 300 mg, the same dosage found in MyoShred.

MyoShred Reviews

MyoShred contains fenugreek because it raises both total testosterone and the more important bioavailable testosterone. In one clinical trial, a 500 mg dose increased circulating testosterone and had the added effect of reducing body fat in men who regularly performed weight training exercises.  A daily MyoShred serving contains 600 mg fenugreek.

MyoShred Reviews

Boron is a mineral used to boost testosterone and lower estradiol, a hormone that counters the effects of testosterone. An 11.6 mg boron dosage significantly raised testosterone after just one week in a small scientific trial. MyoShred capsules contain 5 mg boron, so a typical daily dose provides 10 to 20 mg boron.

Agamatine is chemically related to the amino acid arginine. Studies show agmatine causes vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels. This results in quicker nutrient delivery and more pumped muscles.

Caffeine is a well-known energy booster, but it also promotes fat burning through thermogenesis. One study showed 50 mg caffeine boosts thermogenesis by 6% over 4 hours. MyoShred contains 250 mg caffeine, so its effects are likely even stronger in than those of this trial.

Creatine HCl. Creatine is one of the most popular supplement ingredients. Creatine is an ATP precursor, so it gives muscles energy and extra power and endurance. In a scientific trial, 3.5 grams creatine and 900 mg fenugreek increased strength and improved body composition.

MyoShred’s creatine content is just 300 mg per capsule. But, MyoShred contains creatine HCl, a fast-absorbing creatine form that’s more potent than other creatine types.

MyoShred reviews – does MyoShred really work and any unwanted side effects?

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